Not a catlady but..

Ok so, breedables..I never understood that. It’s like a tamagotchi only you have to pay all the time for food.


So when I saw the Ozimals ads on the feeds quite randomly, I decided I wanted the Pacific Fundraising one. Aaand then I saw the special for St. Patrick’s Day. And I of course couldn’t leave without a starter package…

Oops again.

I cleaned out my living room and now I have 3 tiny bunnies hopping around there. Did I say oops?

Oh right, there’s a Teletubby-like tutorial that you can follow about bunnies. It was..fascinating *the color, it hurts mah eyes!!!*

The birth. You get a basket and..within 3 minutes the bunny is born \o/ This was the regular, non-special starter kit.

Koetje (Dutch for little cow, bc of her colours) has a small eye problem when moving around..xD

However, she comes with sitting and standing-animationsssss..blah..blah..

On to the elite bunnies \o/

SHE IS SO TINY BTW. CAN YOU SEE HER? Take out your magnifying glass!

Anyway, the elite bunny. It’s a special St Patrick’s one ^ basket

CHECK HER OUT! It’s like someone threw up paint all over her.

Of course, that’s what it all started with..the Fundraising bunny. My favorite already (don’t tell anyone!)

Look at that, so cute and pretty ^-^ I named her Hope:) She has a tendency to walk after me out of the door and then fail to hop back inside. Step’s too high. Then again, the others don’t do it and their range is the same.. Annoying little fucker;)

All together now: NAWWWWWW!!!

So for now I have 2 female (!) and 1 male bunny hopping around. GET TO THE SEXING BUNNIES! DO WHAT YOU DO BEST!

No wait, I didn’t just say that.

I’m also not planning to ever sell them but give them away if they ever end up having awesome offspring. Holler at me if you want to be on the list xD

The items I’m wearing are almost all part of the donations to Japan (besides the eyes, pants and bracelets). The hair is from Sadistic Hacker and 100% of the money goes to help for Japan. The shirt is free (and tintable) (and awesome) from Rotten Toe, go get it \o/ Necklace is from Rotten Toe as well, money goes to Red Cross, I think.

The Ozimals elite bunny for Japan is rather pricey, but again..all money goes to help Japan.


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