I talk too much, I take too many pictures and I buy too much. Those are basically the reasons for this blog. This is my first shot at SL-photography, so I’m really still learning the ropes. Anti-aliasing, high rez snapshots, Photoshop.., I’m learning! Oh that, plus the fact that I don’t really blog “what’s new” all the time. I blog what I like. Even when it’s a freebie or something I got ages ago. I love the fashionfeeds for ideas and inspiration, but it’s sad that you see a lot of the same things everywhere. Truth releases new hair: everyone and their mother blogs it. I won’t do that, if you’re here for that, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m in no position to buy L$1000 skinpacks every time someone releases something new, same goes for hairpacks. Instead, I try to find things that appeal to me and create a look around it.
I don’t really have “one style”. I think I’m somewhat of a schizophrenic SL-fashion-wise. I change outfits/skins/hair depending on my mood, the environment or just a new item I got. I’m known to create entire outfits around a pair of eyes I got, or something I rediscovered in my inventory. Yes, I will blog some of the things that everyone shows. I hope I’ll be able to give it my own unique twist. I try to provide as much information about the outfits as possible, until I know how to make SLurls, I’ll just name the shop;-)

Told you I talk too much! And to close in real SL-fashion *har har, double meaning anyone?*, I’ll end with part of a lyric from a friend of mine (aspiring singer).

“I can’t tell what’s up or what’s down. I look for serenity in these simple days I’ve found. And I don’t too much…it’s all for show and such but I can’t seem to turn it around.

I pose for pictures ’cause I think somebody cares. I sing my tunes out loud but I’m the only one who hears.

And I can’t wait to see how better I will be before the day arrives when I’m not bound by gravity.”


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