Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me…

I just embarrassed myself by making that^ my blogtitle.

It’s raining and I have to call Vodafone’s customer service. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to do that. This is a pretty accurate description of my reasons.

Yesterday @ work was mental, “the big event of doom” is just a mere 6 days away and it makes me want to stab myself in the eye. All last-minute PR, and on top of that, my co-worker works HALF my hours, still messes everything up, then LEAVES so I’m stuck with doing his AND my work. This is the second time in a week’s time actually. I’m such a loyal worker.

Anyway, that was uninteresting.

This morning I went on a quest to find this FREE PHOTO STUDIO. It was Mission Impossible (don’t look at the rather desperate attempt at a ‘normal’ comment I made to ask where to get it). So I went on to Random Fashions, slapped their subscriber like a motherfucker, and got 4 gifts out of the history. For free. No pain. They were awesome and I’ll definitely show them one of these days. I have already reserved the black dress for Single’s Awareness Day.

On top of this yummyness, there was more! JANE’s subscribers got a nice Valentine’s package with stuffs, and I’m making an attempt at showing one of the two sweaters and one of the 3 leggings. I ❤ JANE. Whoever you are, you’re awesome. My bitter heart feels loved, just look at all the cards I got!

Clicking makes pictures bigger and increases awesomeness \o/

Look, it’s me being semi-artistic! Don’t look at the non-rezzed wall decall behind me. Kthx.

I see dead people.

I seem to be extremely distracted by something in every picture. I bet it’s chocolate. Damn you PMS!

It reminds me of this:

Did anyone die of boredom yet? How about now? Or now? Or now?

Look, it’s a closeup of my face! I am out of semi-witty remarks, I’m saving them and writing them down for customer service. Is everyone aware that most of those companies have a policy that they can’t hang up on you? *grins evily* Use this to your advantage, little grasshopper!

Ok this was fun. I will continue my quest for the free photostudio, stare at the rain, have a midgetorgy, call Vodafone and continue to hate the world.

Oh look, I made an effort at finding SLurls. I’m so awesome.


Hair: Truth, Mischa raven
Skin: DrLife, LeneEuro -Dark
Shape: My own
Ears: Heartsick, Rapture Ear (pierced), old huntgift
Eyes: Elv’an Majika, Elv’an Beauty Eyes, free
Eyelashes: !imabee, Miranda eyelashes, old huntgift
Blush+freckles+eyelashes: Noirilicious, Sept Gift Freckles+Blush+Eyelashes, dollarbie
Lips: Heartsick, Cherry Glossy Lips

Sweater: JANE, lil love hoodie.raspberry, subscribergift
Leggings: JANE, lil piggies tights.tiny hearts.bk raven/red, subscribergift
Hoofs: [PERA], Black Jean Leggings

Bracelets: M*Motion, C10-04 B-Bracelet
Necklace: PRIMALOT, ‘The Rose’ necklace in black, old lucky chair price

Tattoo arms (not visible, though awesome): ::Little Pricks::, Fetish Queen, campgift
Tattoo neck (not visible, yet awesome): ::Little Pricks::, Barcode Tattoo, free
Piercings: [i-Poke], Ballad (modified)

Poses: [doll.] Poses, Hannah Pose Collection
Location: My skybox, details here

This post was powered by Vodafone


My mess

Well well, skyboxes are always one of my weak spots. And when I saw this one, only 16 prims (or..something?) and rather small, I knew I had to have it. And finally a chance to redecorate with all the pretty stuff that had accumulated (sp?). So..ehm..yeah, pictures below;)

(Click on pictures to make them bigger, though I’d suggest you don’t because..ehm..mess?)

And my outfit, of course..

Stylecard (I will add the SLurls later)

Hair: Magika Hair//Layne red pack
Skin: [PINKINNIK], Vanessa freebie 3, lucky board price
Shape: My own
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes, Baby Blue prim eyes, old freebie
Eyelashes: !imabee, Miranda eyelashes with alpha layer to remove system eyelashes, from With Love Hunt (ended)
Makeup: ::Martina::, Light Makeup, gift through Marketplace for her rezzday

Skirt: *RibboN* opening gift, L$1
Shirt: Boho Baku, Baku Boho white halter top
Heels: Heart & Sole, Royalty Shoes, old midnight mania price
Legwarmers: BAX, Wool Legwarmer Black

Earrings: PRIMALOT, Creeptures earrings, old groupgift
Ring: PRIMALOT, Creeptures ring, old groupgift
Bracelets: [inoiu], knit wood bangles pink, gift
Necklace: Boho Baku, Moonstone Natural Stone Pendant
Nails : Rezipsa Loc, Honeysuckle pink, from opening hunt going on @ The Highlights sim now, L$1
Tattoo: [HUZ], Floral reborn

Skybox: <CE>, TrueWhite Skybox, L$10 through Marketplace
Furniture: Yak & Yeti, everything for free @ their store
Poses: esthetica, poses from MENSHUNT (free) and opening hunt (L$1)

Edit I: I’m the worst interior decorator ever. At least when it comes to semi-Nepalese stuff crammed together in a small space. It looks like the storage room of some Nepalese restaurant (do they exist? What kind of food do they serve? Anything good?). So I removed everything and I’ve started all over again.

Edit II: Decorating is so much more fun in real life! I understand and agree that shopping in SL is much more fun sometimes than in rl, but seriously, decorating is anything but fun. All the moving stuff around and thinking it looks great but upon closer inspection, it turns out the table is floating above the floor. THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE. Can promise you that 😉

Edit III: Hello.