PCF part 1: the entrance..

So atm, I’m levitating over the Pacific Fundraising Event. It’s laggy. It’s grey. NOTHING rezzes. On the positive side: I could get in at the first try. Which explains why I still have hair (took it off now). Can people also stop chatting in local chat *is a hermit*, it fills up my screen and it’s just useless chatter kthx.

To give you the feel of it:

I think I’ll just fly over it for about an hour (that’s my Skin Fair tactic), until everything has rezzed, and then cam around.

Updates coming soon!

Edit 1: So far I’ve been here for..30 minutes maybe? I bought 3 things which is basically just a frickin gamble, as the vendor pics won’t rezz properly and I’m not even gonna try on demos here. Is the lag really caused by all the people here? I mean, the setup isn’t anything fancy, so that can’t be it (aka no prim grass etc). WHY do people wear BALLGOWNS (you heard me) to these sort of things?

Edit 2: Yawn. I’ve become an ARC nazi.

Is is national ballgown day?

Edit 3: Been here for an hour. Pictures that rezz, don’t really rezz properly so no clue what I’m buying. Somehow I didn’t buy any clothes, just skins..a skybox (lol), hair, shoes and antlers. I think I’ll give it another go at a later time, because the sun (the rl one!) is shining and this IS my last day of holiday before work starts again;)

Continue rezzing \o/ Continue rezzing \o/ You can do it \o/

Happy Wednesday xx


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