These are a few of my favourite things..

I’m not all that much in the mood for pictures at the moment, or stylecards..Besides my superbusy work, they cut off the water here (ugh) because of trouble with a pipe nearby (that burst, whole street is flooded). I also gotta figure out phones and bills and creditcards and such, but I decided to procrastinate by making a little list for myself of my favourite stores. Why? Because it’s my blog \o/ And I will probably feature some of my very favourite stores at one point;) This will be boring, I guess. So here’s a picture!

Yes, I just posted that picture in a blogpost. It just reflects my mood oh so well;)

-Truth, usually a hit. Can’t afford it most of the time, I only buy hairs I reallyreally want, otherwise I’d rather spend money on more “extreme” hairs
-Exile <3, recent discovery. Loving it to pieces. Has great hair with “attachments” like hats/beanies:)
-Curious Kitties for the more fantasy-oriented hair
-Cobrahive, very punky and cheap. Very well made as well, imo. It is a certain “style” though, you gotta like it;)
-D!va, has a very kawaii/elvish look. Sends out great gifts, very different haircolours than most creators, and a lot of luckyboards!
-Magika. With the hair in mouth option ❤

-LAQ, superb eye for detail. I think I’ve demo’d the entire store by now;) And yay for sending out that Christmas gift, still loving it to pieces<3
-Curio. I bought 1 skin there, a more roleplay related one (Battle Royale). It looks fantastic, definitely worth every penny. The newer skins haven’t really been my taste, but the detail in them keeps astonishing me.
-Heartsick. Relatively new store, who made a name for herself rather quickly by participating in a lot of hunts/events. She also organizes small store-related events herself, mini-hunts and such. Never disappoints. She’s recently started creating more fantasy (elf) skins and matching ears. Let’s just say, I like where this is going:)
-Curious Kitties. Released awesome winter/autumn skins for her group. It’s definitely “out there”, but nice variation. If I was heavily into that “scene”, I’d probably buy her whole store. Twice.
-DrLife. Recent discovery. Can’t say much about it, I just demo’d it (and that looked promising)
-Mother Goose’s. Great for Kawaii styles. I only go for the lucky boards though (A)
-Belleza ❤

Difficult one, as I usually buy cheap ones or wait for gifts;)
-Poetic Colours. Great colours, realistic
-Ibanez: I use them the most. Prim eyes:)
-MADesigns had a nice freebie package once with great-looking eyes
-By Snow: great dollarbies:)
-Devine (elvan eyes)

Clothes (general, I seriously can’t specify pants-tops etc)
I won’t rave about them all here, as I’m running out of words to describe the awesomeness of creators/designers in SL
-Delirium Style: Recent discovery. FULL OUTFITS for the cheapest price on the grid (yes, I said it). The awesomeness can’t be put into words.
-Indie Rose
-May’s Soul (roleplay related)
-Dutch Touch
-Purple Moon
-Boho Baku
-Nyte n’ Day
-Sassy Kitty
-Creative Chaos
(and so SO much more)
-Purrfect 10. I actually hate buying shoes, but these I love! I joined their VIPgroup for the awesome releases. Hasn’t disappointed yet, such detail and possibilities!
-Duh! For sneakers. You’ve probably seen me wearing them all over the grid. I usually buy them in my favourite colour: fatpack. I’m a sneakergirl, I’ll admit it;)
-Felicity. Sends out regular groupgifts (shoes, matching bags..) If only I could wear her olive suede heels in real life..
-Maitreya. Recent sweetheart. Too expensive for my poor LL wallet. Her shoes (and socks!) are to die for though. I swear. They are!

I’m shit at buying jewellery. In real life, I’m a pro. In SecondLife..hardly..
-Zaara. Her Indian bangles are a-ma-zing. Detail, colourfulness..I wish I had those in real life:(
-PRIMALOT. I usually go there for the more “fun” oriented jewellery.
-EarthStones. Awesome pieces, I use them as basic jewellery (tennis bracelets etc). Simple and classy.
-MagPie. Yay! Recently discovered the store through the feeds, it’s such a fun little store. Very colourful and I LOVE the fact that she sells sets. I’m so frickin BAD at combining jewellery xD
-Mariposa. Sadly closed last year. I only heard of the store when it was closingweek. Needless to say, I stalked the Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania’s until she closed.
-Kunglers. Yes, I ONCE bought ONE piece there but ❤ ❤ ❤ The attention to detail is sublime (I’m running out of appraisal words here). The price is sadly..bit too much for me.

-HUZ. The store, I want it completely! Sadly there are no tattoo layers, so I’m struggling a bit to wear my favourite tattoos. But, it’s all very well worth it
-AQ. I think that store is facetattoos only, but lovely lovely ❤ Discovered it through a hunt price, which was so awesome I wondered why she didn’t want money for it;)
-Skin Deep Little Pricks. No words, just ❤
-Para Designs. I love the gypsy tattoo they once had out (was a facetattoo), have never even worn it though! It required a specific look that I haven’t yet assembled;)

I’m running out of descriptions;)
-P.O.D: New, yet awesome:) Very promising
-Skin Deep Little Pricks
-Curious Kitties gives out a piercing every now and then..
-Needful things: Didn’t know where to put it=/ Love love love for the antlers, mouthpieces..etc:)

Home & garden
-{whatnext}: I basically want her entire store. Even the things I don’t need. I’m sure I’ll need them once I have them;)
-croire: Such a cute store, such cute things! Don’t you ever have the feeling that you WISH you could have this in real life? I wish this store (and basically all of them in my home and garden section) existed in real life;)
-Awesome Blossom: Cute! Awesome skyboxes, sadly don’t have room for them. That doesn’t stop me from buying them though:)
-Domicile: Great skyboxes. The fully furnished autumn skybox is sitting in my inventory until I manage to find a place where I can rezz it (and live in it). That skill..*squee*

-Glitterati. I’m a Glitterati-fangirl and I won’t deny it. I’m at her store ALL the time, not even buying, just trying and staring xD The VIP-group? Best.idea.ever. Her poses/props? Best thing since sliced bread.
-Frooti. Fresh and cute poses:) Very suitable for modelling:)
-For the rest I use all the poses I can get my hands on;)

Kudos if you read all this ^-^


You can’t win a war against the Internet itself.


“In free society, we are supposed to know the truth. In a society where truth becomes treason, we are in trouble.”

“Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”