Randomness prevails..

Hai pictures that need to get off my desktop!

Hello, I’m Nina and I like hanging around in seedy places.

Wastelands ❤ Whatever house I will live in, the Seedy Drifters’ Camp will forever be my home *nostalgia*

Mailbox-sitting, a new sport. Sign up at Nina’s place for the monthly championships. Bring your own mailbox.

Don’t mess with me, I’m hardcore like that. Look at my teletubby sky and Linden’s Lame Grass!

Skin from Pink Fuel for Diamond *blahblah* Hunt. Yes, it’s a pretty skin, but it also has teeth options. I don’t understand the big whoop about teeth, everyone looks like a rabbit to me.Obviously I won’t ever wear the tooth option and this picture is just for shits and giggles.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA *chews on carrot*

Pacific Fundraising Event updates soon!



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