“Hello darkness my old friend…”

Styling credits

Hair: Truth – Sarita – espresso
Skin: LAQ – Linnea – [Nougat] Dark brows 01
Shape: My own
Eyes: [ROLY-POLY] – GlassEeys (sic) – charcoal M – old freebie
Eyelashes: !Imabee – Miranda eyelashes – old huntgift

Top: paper.doll – Ashlee V.I.P gift April 12 – groupgift (joining fee)
Sweater: PARADISIS Sin – Sculpted sweater black – subscriber gift
Jeans: fri. – Low.Rise Jeans (black)
Shoes: N-Core – SENSE XtremeHeel – old groupgift

Earrings: #YQ# – Piercing > L Ear – old freebie
Bracelets: M*Motion – C10 04 B Bracelet – old lucky board price
Necklace: Boho Baku – Moonstone natural stone pendant
Nail polish: Ibizarre – Nail polish diamont (sic) black – old freebie

Poses & prop: Glitterati – Into the black


I miss you I’m not gonna crack

I’m so happy ’cause today
I found my friends
They’re in my head
I’m so ugly, that’s okay
‘Cause so are you
Broke our mirrors
Sunday morning is everyday
For all I care
And I’m not scared
Light my candles, in a daze
‘Cause I’ve found God

I’m so lonely, that’s ok
I shaved my head
And I’m not sad
And just maybe
I’m to blame for all I’ve heard
I’m not sure
I’m so excited
I can’t wait to meet you there
And I don’t care
I’m so horny, that’s okay
My will is good

I like it I’m not gonna crack
I miss you I’m not gonna crack
I love you I’m not gonna crack
I killed you I’m not gonna crack


Hair: Truth
: Apple May Designs (from Pure Juice event)
Eyes: Sn@tch
: Heartsick (lips), Miamai (eyeliner) & Noirilicious (blush+freckles+eyelashes)
My own

Top : Karma
: Razorblade
: lassitude & ennui

Earring: YQ
Piercings (face)
: i-Poke
Clavical piercing
: Little Pricks
Arm piercing
: Little Pricks
Tattoo (arms)
: Little Pricks
Tattoo (chest)
: (nova)

Poses: oOo Studios
: Kirsten’s Viewer
Light settings
: AnaLutetia- AvatarOpt2 Whiter
: Nirvana – Lithium

Ok, so things aren’t exactly going my way. Better said: not at all. What did go my way, was the Pure Juice event. Yes, I went. Even though that just AFTER I clicked *teleport*, I realized it would be something similar to the Hair Fair/Skin Fair. Oh boy.

Upon arrival I noticed that it wasn’t. Yes, a fair amount of people, but no “WARNING WARNING TAKE OFF EVERYTHING OR YOU’LL BE KICKED”. Everything also rezzed fairly quickly and navigating was surprisingly easy. Sadly, they didn’t have much to my liking. The clothes were sorta so-so, not my style. I did buy a bodywarmer from *instinct* which turned out to be one massive prim without resizer etc. And since I SUUUUCKKK at modding, I can’t wear it. So please designer, I love your bodywarmer to bits but PLEASE tell us next time that it’s not a jacket layer etc. Would’ve saved me some Lindens.

I did discover a nice new store, Apple May Designs. Yes, it may not be new, but it certainly was to me! They gave away free bangles that are awesome (I’m wearing them in the picture) and for JUST L$75, you get the Arabell skins. This is a pack of 7 skins in different tones, varying from pale to superdark. Somehow, a lot of skins make me look Chinese, so I added some Miamai makeup to the Arabell skin (below, worn in Carmel). Seriously guys, L$75 is nothing. And you get 7 different tones! DO I NEED TO SAY MORE OR ARE YOU TELEPORTING ALREADY??

The dress is a Valentine’s Day gift from Random Fashions, who gave out about 4 Valentine’s gifts. The socks are from blowpop, the shoes from Dirty Lynx.

Bracelets from Apple May Designs (freebie @ Pure Juice event), nail polish from Ibizarre, fingertape from Sn@tch, tattoo from Little Pricks

Hair from Truth (most likely my most favorite hair ever), piercing from Little Pricks, mouth piercing i-Poke. Makeup from Miamai (old groupgift), Noirilicious & Heartsick.

Viewer used: Kirsten’s. Light settings: AnaLutetia AvatarOptWhiter, poses: oOo photostudio


Squeeing with joy

I’m not a pig though.

I’ve been a bad blogger (does this remind anyone of “bad kitty!!”?) lately. I have been busy with REAL LIFE (deserves caps), dealing with massive amounts of drama and work there…I have been in SecondLife, but could never be bothered to take pictures, let alone blog. Guess what? You can’t get rid of me that easily!

Yes, let’s have another winegum and remember life is great. And..awesome. And it has sunshine (sometimes). And money (sometimes). And alcohol. This was a sad attempt at pretending I have a life other than working and going home and log onto SL. Don’t tell anyone!

K..now we got that w(h)inefest out of the way, let’s have a look at this:

Words cannot describe the awesome. That’s the photostudio I whined over a couple of weeks ago. That I managed to get anyway *does a little dance*. It has about 1200 poses in it (I kid, I kid), and everyone and their dog should own it. That tiny person there is me owning it. OWNED. Seriously, this post is getting lamer and lamer every second.

This is me gazing in awe at the studio like it’s some kind of famous chapel. Hey, it’s any and every photographer’s wet dream! Even though I’m female, I think I’ll have wet dreams over this one. I want it in real life! Can someone build it for me please? I’ll be happy forever and live in it!

Speaking of living. I got rid of my old house (obviously) to make room for this bundle of awesome right here. It’s 49 or 50 prims, my land is only 50 prims, so I’m gonna live in my photostudio. Because I’m cool like that.

Look (or..don’t), it’s a dentist’s chair! WHY does this barstool remind me of “the dentist will be with you soon” *shudders*. It has poses in it though. None of them include dentists.

Nina’s drive-in movie theatre. Room for: 5 people.Movies every Monday and Wednesday, bring your own popcorn BUT GET YOUR STICKY HANDS OFF MY FRICKIN FURNITURE.

Some kind of..bed (with poses) and 3 wall pictures you can modify yourself. As I did above.

This awesome dress is superold and this blog is sucking more every second. Want to know what’s new in SL? Don’t ask me, I’m busy blogging stuff from the past;)

I’m gonna end this post with a closeup of my face. Which also includes something actually recent! Yay, I’m a good blogger after all! The eyes are from Insufferable Dastard, and they’re a free March gift at the store! Confetti eyes *throws around confetti*

Next blog: must try harder.

Stuff I’m wearing that you could be interested in

Hair: Truth
Skin: DrLife
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
Eyelashes: !imabee
Blush+freckles+eyelashes: Noirilicious
Cherry lips: Heartsick
Tattoo body: [HUZ]
Tattoo neck (not visible but who cares \o/ ): Little Pricks

Dress (complete with armwarmers, legwarmers,belt, the whole shizzle): May’s Soul
Necklace: League
Rose (in hair): *ICING*

Photostudio with poses: oOo Studio

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me…

I just embarrassed myself by making that^ my blogtitle.

It’s raining and I have to call Vodafone’s customer service. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to do that. This is a pretty accurate description of my reasons.

Yesterday @ work was mental, “the big event of doom” is just a mere 6 days away and it makes me want to stab myself in the eye. All last-minute PR, and on top of that, my co-worker works HALF my hours, still messes everything up, then LEAVES so I’m stuck with doing his AND my work. This is the second time in a week’s time actually. I’m such a loyal worker.

Anyway, that was uninteresting.

This morning I went on a quest to find this FREE PHOTO STUDIO. It was Mission Impossible (don’t look at the rather desperate attempt at a ‘normal’ comment I made to ask where to get it). So I went on to Random Fashions, slapped their subscriber like a motherfucker, and got 4 gifts out of the history. For free. No pain. They were awesome and I’ll definitely show them one of these days. I have already reserved the black dress for Single’s Awareness Day.

On top of this yummyness, there was more! JANE’s subscribers got a nice Valentine’s package with stuffs, and I’m making an attempt at showing one of the two sweaters and one of the 3 leggings. I ❤ JANE. Whoever you are, you’re awesome. My bitter heart feels loved, just look at all the cards I got!

Clicking makes pictures bigger and increases awesomeness \o/

Look, it’s me being semi-artistic! Don’t look at the non-rezzed wall decall behind me. Kthx.

I see dead people.

I seem to be extremely distracted by something in every picture. I bet it’s chocolate. Damn you PMS!

It reminds me of this:

Did anyone die of boredom yet? How about now? Or now? Or now?

Look, it’s a closeup of my face! I am out of semi-witty remarks, I’m saving them and writing them down for customer service. Is everyone aware that most of those companies have a policy that they can’t hang up on you? *grins evily* Use this to your advantage, little grasshopper!

Ok this was fun. I will continue my quest for the free photostudio, stare at the rain, have a midgetorgy, call Vodafone and continue to hate the world.

Oh look, I made an effort at finding SLurls. I’m so awesome.


Hair: Truth, Mischa raven
Skin: DrLife, LeneEuro -Dark
Shape: My own
Ears: Heartsick, Rapture Ear (pierced), old huntgift
Eyes: Elv’an Majika, Elv’an Beauty Eyes, free
Eyelashes: !imabee, Miranda eyelashes, old huntgift
Blush+freckles+eyelashes: Noirilicious, Sept Gift Freckles+Blush+Eyelashes, dollarbie
Lips: Heartsick, Cherry Glossy Lips

Sweater: JANE, lil love hoodie.raspberry, subscribergift
Leggings: JANE, lil piggies tights.tiny hearts.bk raven/red, subscribergift
Hoofs: [PERA], Black Jean Leggings

Bracelets: M*Motion, C10-04 B-Bracelet
Necklace: PRIMALOT, ‘The Rose’ necklace in black, old lucky chair price

Tattoo arms (not visible, though awesome): ::Little Pricks::, Fetish Queen, campgift
Tattoo neck (not visible, yet awesome): ::Little Pricks::, Barcode Tattoo, free
Piercings: [i-Poke], Ballad (modified)

Poses: [doll.] Poses, Hannah Pose Collection
Location: My skybox, details here

This post was powered by Vodafone

Elf elf elf!

Today I decided to be an elf. I don’t know why, I’m feeling peer pressure from other blogs? I’m also tired and wish I could dress up as an elf irl. Maybe I should. And go to work that way. I’d make one hell of an impression. I bet it would even be a good one. PR needs more people dressed like elves. I’ll just be the first one. The trendsetter. Ahead of the crowd. Totally frickin’ awesome. I’m rambling. Quick, look at the pictures!!!

I have this sudden urge to put a frog in the picture. Must be the fatigue. Or the green dress.

Pwetty face, innit? ❤ the eyes. I look like I’m thinking deep thoughts. Pretty sure I’m thinking of chocolate though.


I’ve logged off, so information will be edited later

Hair: Truth
Skin: Heartsick
Eyes: Devine
Makeup: Noirilicious & Heartsick
Eyelashes: imabee

Dress: Creative Chaos
Necklace: Majika (or…something..?)

Edit 1: Why do I keep editing posts? I’m quite sure nobody reads them.

Edit 2: Holy crap, I was gonna say something. Oh yes, new Purrfect 10 VIP gift released just now. Not even gonna try to go over there because it’ll be a lagfest. Also, who wants to bet on how many posts in the feed it shows up? Place your bets now people..

Edit 3: Did I mention I love Pixie from Baby Monkey? Her shoes are awesome. Awesome is an understatement. I bought the most gorgeous boots from her store yesterday, and seriously pondering about buying more Leila heels (omg did I mention I love the fact that you can demo shoes?). Yes, I’ve just come out from under my rock. But fri. let’s you demo their CLOTHES. I’m so behind the curve *quickly dresses up as an elf* (do I fit in now? Do I? Do I?)

Edit 4: Will this PMS ever end? Yes, tmi, as if someone reads this. Men should stay away from me when I have PMS. Just HEARING a man talk, makes me want to scratch him in the face. Or punch him. Besides my gay co-worker, he’s just as fabulous as ever.

Edit 5: I hate Valentine’s. This year more than ever. More.Than.Ever.

Edit 6: I want chocolate. Plenty. Did I mention PMS? Or crisps..hmm..

Edit 10 million: Betting for VIP Purrfect 10 shoes ended. I say 10 blogs. By tomorrow morning. Damn Americans with their strange timezones. The future is bright, people!

This edit makes the universe explode: Logging…off….now….You can do it \o/

Edit “the universe didn’t explode so let’s try again”: I just read there’s a Teaparty hunt which costs 200 L$ for the “special HUD”. One part of me goes “lol, people participating are demented”. The other part….wants to go hunt. Pffffff -.-‘ I got 4 views today. Son, I am disappoint. Also foreveralone.jpg. Right, getting the elf out with my 1337 speek. I’m cool like that.

FabFree Station!

After a short period of absence, I have returned \o/ Woohoo \o/ Ok not so woohoo exactly because real life is basically falling to pieces, but I can deal with it *reassures herself*

Sadly, a lot of the notecards/messages sent to me got capped, so I’ll have to check out my Gmail to see whether there was anything I missed. Something that I didn’t miss however, was the relocating of the FabFree Headquarters!! And with the relocation, new gifties yay!!! There’s plenty there, plenty good stuff and PLENTY to still be added by some amazing designers (did I say ‘plenty’ enough? I think I did..). Anyway, this little outfit is the first thing that really stood out to me:) Yes, I LOVE already assembled outfits because I’m lazy and my inventory consists of roughly 21k items. Seriously, I should reorganize. Aaaanywho, the free stuff in the pictures below is the outfit and the GORGEOUS shoes. Yes, if I saw those in a SLshop, I’d just about pay L$400 for them. And they were free!!!! FREEEEE I TELL YOU *hyperventilates*

Now, on to the pictures (click to make them bigger)


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