“Hello darkness my old friend…”

Styling credits

Hair: Truth – Sarita – espresso
Skin: LAQ – Linnea – [Nougat] Dark brows 01
Shape: My own
Eyes: [ROLY-POLY] – GlassEeys (sic) – charcoal M – old freebie
Eyelashes: !Imabee – Miranda eyelashes – old huntgift

Top: paper.doll – Ashlee V.I.P gift April 12 – groupgift (joining fee)
Sweater: PARADISIS Sin – Sculpted sweater black – subscriber gift
Jeans: fri. – Low.Rise Jeans (black)
Shoes: N-Core – SENSE XtremeHeel – old groupgift

Earrings: #YQ# – Piercing > L Ear – old freebie
Bracelets: M*Motion – C10 04 B Bracelet – old lucky board price
Necklace: Boho Baku – Moonstone natural stone pendant
Nail polish: Ibizarre – Nail polish diamont (sic) black – old freebie

Poses & prop: Glitterati – Into the black


Yaaaaaay, I’m not dead!

Just really busy.

Oh, and this is my cat River Phoenix (don’t hate). He says hi.

Not a catlady but..

Ok so, breedables..I never understood that. It’s like a tamagotchi only you have to pay all the time for food.


So when I saw the Ozimals ads on the feeds quite randomly, I decided I wanted the Pacific Fundraising one. Aaand then I saw the special for St. Patrick’s Day. And I of course couldn’t leave without a starter package…

Oops again.

I cleaned out my living room and now I have 3 tiny bunnies hopping around there. Did I say oops?

Oh right, there’s a Teletubby-like tutorial that you can follow about bunnies. It was..fascinating *the color, it hurts mah eyes!!!*

The birth. You get a basket and..within 3 minutes the bunny is born \o/ This was the regular, non-special starter kit.

Koetje (Dutch for little cow, bc of her colours) has a small eye problem when moving around..xD

However, she comes with sitting and standing-animationsssss..blah..blah..

On to the elite bunnies \o/

SHE IS SO TINY BTW. CAN YOU SEE HER? Take out your magnifying glass!

Anyway, the elite bunny. It’s a special St Patrick’s one ^ basket

CHECK HER OUT! It’s like someone threw up paint all over her.

Of course, that’s what it all started with..the Fundraising bunny. My favorite already (don’t tell anyone!)

Look at that, so cute and pretty ^-^ I named her Hope:) She has a tendency to walk after me out of the door and then fail to hop back inside. Step’s too high. Then again, the others don’t do it and their range is the same.. Annoying little fucker;)

All together now: NAWWWWWW!!!

So for now I have 2 female (!) and 1 male bunny hopping around. GET TO THE SEXING BUNNIES! DO WHAT YOU DO BEST!

No wait, I didn’t just say that.

I’m also not planning to ever sell them but give them away if they ever end up having awesome offspring. Holler at me if you want to be on the list xD

The items I’m wearing are almost all part of the donations to Japan (besides the eyes, pants and bracelets). The hair is from Sadistic Hacker and 100% of the money goes to help for Japan. The shirt is free (and tintable) (and awesome) from Rotten Toe, go get it \o/ Necklace is from Rotten Toe as well, money goes to Red Cross, I think.

The Ozimals elite bunny for Japan is rather pricey, but again..all money goes to help Japan.

Randomness prevails..

Hai pictures that need to get off my desktop!

Hello, I’m Nina and I like hanging around in seedy places.

Wastelands ❤ Whatever house I will live in, the Seedy Drifters’ Camp will forever be my home *nostalgia*

Mailbox-sitting, a new sport. Sign up at Nina’s place for the monthly championships. Bring your own mailbox.

Don’t mess with me, I’m hardcore like that. Look at my teletubby sky and Linden’s Lame Grass!

Skin from Pink Fuel for Diamond *blahblah* Hunt. Yes, it’s a pretty skin, but it also has teeth options. I don’t understand the big whoop about teeth, everyone looks like a rabbit to me.Obviously I won’t ever wear the tooth option and this picture is just for shits and giggles.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA *chews on carrot*

Pacific Fundraising Event updates soon!


PCF part 1: the entrance..

So atm, I’m levitating over the Pacific Fundraising Event. It’s laggy. It’s grey. NOTHING rezzes. On the positive side: I could get in at the first try. Which explains why I still have hair (took it off now). Can people also stop chatting in local chat *is a hermit*, it fills up my screen and it’s just useless chatter kthx.

To give you the feel of it:

I think I’ll just fly over it for about an hour (that’s my Skin Fair tactic), until everything has rezzed, and then cam around.

Updates coming soon!

Edit 1: So far I’ve been here for..30 minutes maybe? I bought 3 things which is basically just a frickin gamble, as the vendor pics won’t rezz properly and I’m not even gonna try on demos here. Is the lag really caused by all the people here? I mean, the setup isn’t anything fancy, so that can’t be it (aka no prim grass etc). WHY do people wear BALLGOWNS (you heard me) to these sort of things?

Edit 2: Yawn. I’ve become an ARC nazi.

Is is national ballgown day?

Edit 3: Been here for an hour. Pictures that rezz, don’t really rezz properly so no clue what I’m buying. Somehow I didn’t buy any clothes, just skins..a skybox (lol), hair, shoes and antlers. I think I’ll give it another go at a later time, because the sun (the rl one!) is shining and this IS my last day of holiday before work starts again;)

Continue rezzing \o/ Continue rezzing \o/ You can do it \o/

Happy Wednesday xx


So after discovering low ARC clothing for free at the Fashion for Life event, I decided to experiment a bit with getting my ARC as low as possible. At lag-heavy events, I just duck-walk around bald in a bikini because I never take the time to properly prepare. BUT! This will change \o/ After about 3 months of blogging, I decided I’d be a “good blogger” now with mediocre pictures and semi-witty remarks. Maybe someone will invite me to events (hahahaha, who am I kidding?), but if not, then I’ll just go with the ‘regular crowd’ in a low-lag-enhancing outfit.That sounded..off.

“I’m so glad you’re still down to earth Nina!”

Yes, I tend to stay amongst the plebs and such, while the REAL fashionistas..I don’t know what they do really. Things I don’t have time for, I think. Taking pictures for me is *click snapshot-save*. Ha, plebs. Such a strange word.

Plebs. Plebs. Plebs. Bask. Bask. Clutch.


Anyway, let me talk you through my little journey of being the best(!) non-contributing-to-lag person EVER!

This is how I started (click on pictures to make them bigger). Yes, I’m poor. At that time, I had already taken off my flight feather and AO, and it made ZERO difference to the ARC. Always thought it did o.O

Taken off my shoes..Quite a difference already..

Taking off your hair really makes a difference (which we all knew, of course). I tried to find the *delete scripts* from the Magika hair, but somehow it’s not an option on the PCF special hair.

Taken off my necklace..

My RING was THAT scripted?!?!?!

That’s all clothes-wise, I couldn’t really take anything else off..

Look at my cool hair-tattoo!!

I look butch.

So today, you will see me walking around in all my butch-glory @ the Pacific Fundraising Event (when does it even start?). Say hi if you dare!

Any takers on a lower ARC? (and yes, you still gotta be decent and not just have a fullbody tattoo)

Extraordinary things are always hiding in places people never think to look.

(Click on pictures for a bigger version)


Hair: Magika – PCF Red//Nayla – Pacific Fundraising item L$50
Skin: Al Vulo – jolie* nice plaster claveage (sic) bronze HUNT – Diamond Hunt price
Shape: My own
Eyes: FASHISM – ‘Sunrise’ Eyes green (M) – Fashion for Life item
Lipgloss: Heartsick – Cherry Glossy Lips – old freebie

Outfit (complete with pants/jacket/shirt): Enelya’s Creations – Box Lorelei
Shoes: N-Core – “Groupgift” SENSE Xtreme Heel – groupgift

Necklace: HUDSON’s Clothing Co. – Ladies ROPED TOOTH LONG* THIN Necklace – old luckyboard price
Ring: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] – GAME/OVER Rings & nails 10 (L) – old huntgift

Tattoo: CoLLisions – Quoth the Raven – Twisted Hunt gift

Poses: Freebie package

Viewer: Second Life Viewer 2
Windlight settings: “Perfect” – adjusted from AnaLutetia settings
Music: Mumford & Sons – The Cave
Post-processing: None

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