Elf elf elf!

Today I decided to be an elf. I don’t know why, I’m feeling peer pressure from other blogs? I’m also tired and wish I could dress up as an elf irl. Maybe I should. And go to work that way. I’d make one hell of an impression. I bet it would even be a good one. PR needs more people dressed like elves. I’ll just be the first one. The trendsetter. Ahead of the crowd. Totally frickin’ awesome. I’m rambling. Quick, look at the pictures!!!

I have this sudden urge to put a frog in the picture. Must be the fatigue. Or the green dress.

Pwetty face, innit? ❤ the eyes. I look like I’m thinking deep thoughts. Pretty sure I’m thinking of chocolate though.


I’ve logged off, so information will be edited later

Hair: Truth
Skin: Heartsick
Eyes: Devine
Makeup: Noirilicious & Heartsick
Eyelashes: imabee

Dress: Creative Chaos
Necklace: Majika (or…something..?)

Edit 1: Why do I keep editing posts? I’m quite sure nobody reads them.

Edit 2: Holy crap, I was gonna say something. Oh yes, new Purrfect 10 VIP gift released just now. Not even gonna try to go over there because it’ll be a lagfest. Also, who wants to bet on how many posts in the feed it shows up? Place your bets now people..

Edit 3: Did I mention I love Pixie from Baby Monkey? Her shoes are awesome. Awesome is an understatement. I bought the most gorgeous boots from her store yesterday, and seriously pondering about buying more Leila heels (omg did I mention I love the fact that you can demo shoes?). Yes, I’ve just come out from under my rock. But fri. let’s you demo their CLOTHES. I’m so behind the curve *quickly dresses up as an elf* (do I fit in now? Do I? Do I?)

Edit 4: Will this PMS ever end? Yes, tmi, as if someone reads this. Men should stay away from me when I have PMS. Just HEARING a man talk, makes me want to scratch him in the face. Or punch him. Besides my gay co-worker, he’s just as fabulous as ever.

Edit 5: I hate Valentine’s. This year more than ever. More.Than.Ever.

Edit 6: I want chocolate. Plenty. Did I mention PMS? Or crisps..hmm..

Edit 10 million: Betting for VIP Purrfect 10 shoes ended. I say 10 blogs. By tomorrow morning. Damn Americans with their strange timezones. The future is bright, people!

This edit makes the universe explode: Logging…off….now….You can do it \o/

Edit “the universe didn’t explode so let’s try again”: I just read there’s a Teaparty hunt which costs 200 L$ for the “special HUD”. One part of me goes “lol, people participating are demented”. The other part….wants to go hunt. Pffffff -.-‘ I got 4 views today. Son, I am disappoint. Also foreveralone.jpg. Right, getting the elf out with my 1337 speek. I’m cool like that.