Memory Monday, Indie Rose

Indie Rose was one of the first stores I discovered in SecondLife, it has a really distinct style I’d recognize anywhere. That, plus the fact that I LOVE the name;-) So when I was at Indie Rose for the FabFree Christmas Tour, I couldn’t resist their “sale” going on. I already showed you one of the outfits I got (yes, even though I love assembling outfits, I also love the pre-picked ones where everything goes together perfectly), this is the other outfit. It’s very summery and fresh!

(Click to enlarge pictures)


Hair: .ploom, Gabby-Blood Orange, new release
Skin: Belleza, Erika skin, new groupgift
Shape: My own
Eyes: Ibanez, Emerald prim eyes, freebie
Eyelashes: !imabee, Miranda eyelashes from With Love Hunt (L$10)

Outfit: Indie Rose, Country Boho Dress, Sale
Shoes: Purrfect 10, Paisley Heels, VIP gift

Bracelet: May’s Soul, bracelet from a panther outfit (not sure which)
Necklace: BugTussleTown, LadyBug Necklace
Hairflower: *ICING* Hair flowers, from the Imperial Pink outfit, Lucky Chair price

Posechair: {whatnext}, Butterfly Posing Chair Photography Prop, with 10 animations&colorchange


Memory Monday: my newbie look!

Facts about me when I was a newbie:

* I never wore shoes. No, never. I hated all the free blingy shoes, so I just went around barefoot. It also reflects my real life, as I’m barefoot often here as well.
* I started out with the female rocker hair/outfit/body. I didn’t modify that much in the beginning, I kept the hair on for a VERY long time. The shape I modified to my liking and is the one I’m wearing today (though heavily modified)
* I decided on red hair very early on. Why? Because I’m a redhead in real life. Even when I had the money to buy all shades I wanted, I would still go for the reds/gingers. Only just recently I’ve started experimenting with other colors.
* I looked like the pictures below for a good 5 months, I think. I didn’t put money into the game til then. As a matter of fact, I clearly remember strolling into a Truth Hair Sale, seeing the Audrey hair, and I HAD to have it (the ginger pack, of course). I think that was my first ever purchase.
* I’m still the eternal newbie. I find stuff waaay later than everyone else, or I find stuff nobody wears because it’s so weird. I didn’t find out about Truth Hair until 5 months in the game, I don’t know how I did that.
* I wore this Lei skin forever. Yes, even when I had already purchased new hair and clothes, I kept the skin. I don’t know why, I was very attached to it, I guess. It doesn’t look AS BAD as some of the newbie skins I’ve seen, in my opinion. I also thought skinpacks were so damn expensive (I still think that), so I was a bit weary to buy them.
* The first months I basically walked around beaches and forests, talking to people, trying animations and exploring. The place pictured is one of my dearest newbie hangouts. One day, I found it in someone’s picks and I basically spent MONTHS there. My friends would usually joke “you sitting at some abandoned place again?”
* As many newbies, I couldn’t resist a freebie shopping mall. I spent AGES in there, getting everything I liked. During inventory cleanups later I’ve deleted most of the things though: once you buy quality items, the freebies just look..meh. I still kept the old look pictured below though, bit of nostalgia I guess. I have also kept a bikini that everyone seems to be in love with. I won’t tell them it’s a freebie hehe, just for my reputation;-)
* Once I actually put money into the game, I spent in phases. I started with hair, but not too much because it was expensive. Clothes I spent quite a lot on for a while, then jewellery. I had an eyes-phase, a skin-phase…I never quite got into a shoe-phase because I hated them all;-) Only recently I’ve found shoes that I like, being the Purrfect 10 ones and Sneaker Boots from Duh! At the moment I’m in a “house/skybox” phase, even though my puny little rented skybox only has 50 prims and I can’t afford land to put all the beautiful skyboxes I have, on.
* I think it’s very necessary when you’re new to SecondLife to go through the “broke-I-will-stock-up-on-freebies” phase. It’s a natural thing that makes you appreciate quality items and designers more, in my opinion. Putting money into the game right away seems like such a waste, as you don’t “really” know where to get stuff yet, and you miss out on the freebie phase. I only recently rented a skybox with a ridiculously low amount of prims, but it was “a big step” for me. Hell, I only recently made a box and put a texture on it! It’s a natural process, I’d say.

On to the pictures we go!

(Click pictures to enlarge)

I’m also trying to find a good way to incorporate pictures in my blog. The medium size is very small, but not sure about this one either..

These shots are taken at my very favorite newbie hang out, Tuatha de Danann. I used to spend ages there, sitting in a tree, exploring or chatting with friends.


Hair: Female rocker hair (red), system
Skin: Gnubie Store, Lei skin, freebie mall
Eyes: Eyes, spring green, system
Shape: Female rocker shape, system

Top: CND Rocker girl shirt, freebie mall
Pants: CND Rocker girl pants, freebie mall

Necklace: Pendant Daisy White, system

Location: Tuatha de Danann