Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me…

I just embarrassed myself by making that^ my blogtitle.

It’s raining and I have to call Vodafone’s customer service. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to do that. This is a pretty accurate description of my reasons.

Yesterday @ work was mental, “the big event of doom” is just a mere 6 days away and it makes me want to stab myself in the eye. All last-minute PR, and on top of that, my co-worker works HALF my hours, still messes everything up, then LEAVES so I’m stuck with doing his AND my work. This is the second time in a week’s time actually. I’m such a loyal worker.

Anyway, that was uninteresting.

This morning I went on a quest to find this FREE PHOTO STUDIO. It was Mission Impossible (don’t look at the rather desperate attempt at a ‘normal’ comment I made to ask where to get it). So I went on to Random Fashions, slapped their subscriber like a motherfucker, and got 4 gifts out of the history. For free. No pain. They were awesome and I’ll definitely show them one of these days. I have already reserved the black dress for Single’s Awareness Day.

On top of this yummyness, there was more! JANE’s subscribers got a nice Valentine’s package with stuffs, and I’m making an attempt at showing one of the two sweaters and one of the 3 leggings. I ❤ JANE. Whoever you are, you’re awesome. My bitter heart feels loved, just look at all the cards I got!

Clicking makes pictures bigger and increases awesomeness \o/

Look, it’s me being semi-artistic! Don’t look at the non-rezzed wall decall behind me. Kthx.

I see dead people.

I seem to be extremely distracted by something in every picture. I bet it’s chocolate. Damn you PMS!

It reminds me of this:

Did anyone die of boredom yet? How about now? Or now? Or now?

Look, it’s a closeup of my face! I am out of semi-witty remarks, I’m saving them and writing them down for customer service. Is everyone aware that most of those companies have a policy that they can’t hang up on you? *grins evily* Use this to your advantage, little grasshopper!

Ok this was fun. I will continue my quest for the free photostudio, stare at the rain, have a midgetorgy, call Vodafone and continue to hate the world.

Oh look, I made an effort at finding SLurls. I’m so awesome.


Hair: Truth, Mischa raven
Skin: DrLife, LeneEuro -Dark
Shape: My own
Ears: Heartsick, Rapture Ear (pierced), old huntgift
Eyes: Elv’an Majika, Elv’an Beauty Eyes, free
Eyelashes: !imabee, Miranda eyelashes, old huntgift
Blush+freckles+eyelashes: Noirilicious, Sept Gift Freckles+Blush+Eyelashes, dollarbie
Lips: Heartsick, Cherry Glossy Lips

Sweater: JANE, lil love hoodie.raspberry, subscribergift
Leggings: JANE, lil piggies tights.tiny hearts.bk raven/red, subscribergift
Hoofs: [PERA], Black Jean Leggings

Bracelets: M*Motion, C10-04 B-Bracelet
Necklace: PRIMALOT, ‘The Rose’ necklace in black, old lucky chair price

Tattoo arms (not visible, though awesome): ::Little Pricks::, Fetish Queen, campgift
Tattoo neck (not visible, yet awesome): ::Little Pricks::, Barcode Tattoo, free
Piercings: [i-Poke], Ballad (modified)

Poses: [doll.] Poses, Hannah Pose Collection
Location: My skybox, details here

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