FLF “hunt”

FLF. A good cause. Something I will throw massive amounts of money at. Same goes for the Pacific Relief Thing(whatsitcalled again?) which starts tomorrow. To be honest, I will rather spend my money at these events (with surprisingly low lag, anyone willing to explain?) than at Hair Fair/Skin Fair/Garden Fair/Shape Fair also known as Lag Fair. That phrase was long, even I got lost in it.

I heard there was some kind of “hunt” going on at the FLF sims as well, so of course I went. Problem with me + hunts is that I have a very short attention span. Very. By the time you’ve read those two phrases, it is highly possibly I have gotten distracted and forgot what I was talking about.

I got a few goodies and a rather awesome freebie I will now rave about. First the goodies..

Dress is a huntprice at Boho Baku. Boho Baku, I love you in..let me count the ways. I think I own half her store. I’m a hippiegirl at heart. This price cost me L$84 (strange number..) and look at the exquisite (ha.ha.ha, I sound rather suck-uppy) detail in the top! (Pose courtesy of my fidgety AO)

Ain’t that pretty? The skin is obviously from Al Vulo, a huntprice for the *blahblah DIAMOND somethingsomething* hunt. Don’t make those long huntnames because I will forget them =/ Hair from Magika, L$50 for this colour, money goes to Red Cross for Japan. Tattoo is from..ehm..a..store..that I forgot the name of (bad blogger Nina, bad blogger!) and it’s great. Think I’ll post a separate blog about it sometime this week. You get to see me half-naked! Ain’t life grand?

This dress makes me seasick. It’s from SD Wears and it moves so much that I needed to hold onto my chair when I walked around in it. It’s a L$10 huntprice.

*takes bucket* It has this strange promdress feel..

Last one, huntprice from [elikatira]. They’re shoes. They’re pretty. I thought it was hair. No, I didn’t actually put them on my head, but elikatira = hair imo. When you buy the huntprice, it doesn’t actually SAY what it is. Bit like a blind date: you hope for something and you usually DON’T get what you expected. That’s fun, kids! (No, I’ve never been on a blind date for that exact reason)

I’m available for all your feet modelling (no…not..like..that…)

Those actually were the “few goodies” I picked up o.O The rest required more searching (A)

On to the TGIS, who had a random freebie out that I happened to hop across. This is useful AND pretty! *stop..being..so..PR-y…* It’s low ARC clothing in 3 shades, AND it’s fashionable all in one. Blah..blah..Pictures!

There’s a tree growing out of my head.

If you look really closely (like reallyreallyreally) you see there are cherries on the pants. Stunning fashion photography right there, put it in your archives people!

Hunt away, people \o/



LL goes zen

Pfff, SL really isn’t cooperating lately. I tried Phoenix, Kirsten’s and the “official” viewer, and I still crash every 10 minutes. Usually right when I’ve found the pose I was looking for and press *take snapshot*. I never wanted to stab myself in the eye more.

Speaking of eyes, look at these beauties (these pictures were taken yesterday evening, when SL momentarily forgot to crash all the time)

Eyes from FASHISM (opens March 15th, can already be bought at Fashion for Life). I would tell you the name of these beauties, but I have ragequit SL and am not planning to log back on for a while now. They are cheap though, the FLF eyes are L$100, and the others L$150. They come in about 5 sizes in one package.

Maybe it’s a good thing SL is so laggy =/ Yesterday night I looked into the mirror and thought to myself: “Hey, my eyes don’t look very realistic.” WHAT?!

Ignore I just said that.

You gotta agree with me here, the eyes look stunningly real.

On to the next subject…ehm..random pictures I snapped mid-lag/mid-drama/mid-teleport-fail..

Look, I teleported home and ended up..here. IT SAID IT WAS MY HOME o.O

Yeah, I know you want me. Look at mah sexeh eyes, baby!

This is me participating in the Diamond *somethingsomething* hunt. I admit it, I only participate in hunts because of the free skins and hair. In the rare case you don’t recognize it *cough*, I’m at Al Vulo to score the huntskin! Look, it’s..snowing/raining lag. Makes navigating ultra difficult, obviously. Please sim owners, I know it looks fancy but no rain/snow please. IT DOESN’T REZZ PROPERLY!

Anyway, I got the Al Vulo skin and the Magika Nayla hair (for L$50 for Japan donations), and I would show them to you but the minute I snapped a picture….make a guess…-_-

Let’s all breathe in and out and stop yelling at SL and throwing laptops out of the window.

I last logged into this sight below, and I think it’s LL telling me to chill the fuck out and zen some more.


Live like you mean it. Love like you feel it.

Quick post, experimenting with Windlight settings.

(Click pictures for bigger version)


Hair: [elikatira] – [e] Frost Blonde 08 – old huntgift
Skin: Apple May Designs – (AMD) Arabell – Peachy – L$75 for 7 tones at Pure Juice event
Shape: My own
Eyes: FASHISM – ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Steel Blue (M) – Debute @ Fashion for Life event!
Lipgloss: Heartsick – Cherry Glossy Lips – old gift
Eyeliner&Blush&Freckles: Noirilicious – Sept Gift Freckles+Blush+Eyelashes – old dollarbie
Nail polish: *RezIpsa Loc* – Honeysuckle Pink, Nails – old huntgift

Shirt: *T.Whore* – Slouchy Tee Scribbles Bow
Pants: justB – /plain slacks blush – L$10 sale of discontinued items
Shoes: [elikatira] – [e] Move Pumps Petal – groupgift

Bracelet: Jergi Design – bracelet red pink – old freebie
Earrings: Peeps Fashion – pearl earrings breast cancer awareness ribbon – L$99 gatcha @ Fashion for Life
Necklace watch: Elate – Silver Pocket Watch Necklace – old huntgift
Necklace ribbon: Peeps Fashion – pearl necklace breast cancer awareness ribbon – part of the L$99 gatcha jewelry set @ Fashion for Life

Prop+poses: Glitterati – Fence – freebie

Viewer: Second Life Viewer 2
Windlight settings: Places Paris2 – from Windlights wikipage
Music: Lior – This Old Love
Post-processing: None

Happy weekend ya’ll!

When did I become Texan? Or American for that matter? Gimme steak \o/ Hello cliche us Europeans use for Texas. Sorry if I offended you, my dear readers in Texas. Is everything really bigger there? *comments are screened kthxbai*

Today, I made the exciting discovery of using other people’s Windlight Settings. Yes, I’m too darn frickin’ lazy to figure them out myself. So I got the ones from Lemondrop (ty ty!) from her rezzday celebration, and basically all the settings from the wikipage (holy crap Torley, SO MANY WINDLIGHT SETTINGS o.O). Then it took me forever to figure out how to install them. “Go to finder-go menu” just doesn’t cut it. Thank God for Torley’s Youtube tutorial.

Blah. Look at this picture.

Taken with Windlight setting from Lemondrop (seriously, I forgot either your first name or surname, sorry!), called Forget me not. It’s awesome and then some. I will update this blog with a link to HER blog so you can all bask in her awesomeness. Believe me, there’s plenty to bask in. Don’t you just love the word bask?

Bask. Bask. Bask. Bask. Now it just sounds strange.

Ehm yes, what else..

Oh right, my furniture pictures. They’re exciting as hell, hold onto your seats, kids!

I have a porch! Check it out, my porch with random crap I threw on there (this isn’t very respectful to the awesome designers…sorry). I didn’t even put trashcans there. I wanted to. THAT’S WHAT PORCHES ARE FOR, RIGHT? Be quiet, Nina.

Porch, porch, porch. Bask. Clutch (nevermind, strange joke). Either way, I’m queen of the decalls by now. Ever since I figured out that they’re 1 prim, my prim allowance was TIIIIIINY and they’re cheap and cute, I filled up my inventory with them. Love love. The mailbox actually works, people can put notecards in there and I’ll get them. Only problem is that my land has security turned on and there’s about 3 people on my whitelist. Let me know if you want to converse over notecard!

I’m a bad friend in SL. I just randomly park my avatar somewhere, either go shop and then take pictures endlessly. Or redecorate. I sound very anti-social and I apologize. Don’t think I hate you because I don’t! Let’s talk over notecard!!!! *this was a desperate attempt at sounding social*

Come on in, it’s..rather..empty. 180 Prims ain’t a lot, folks *seriously, I should lose this accent* I sound like Bugs Bunny.

My neverending love for music. And a big empty space. Oi.

I think I did a pretty nice job overal in this “living room”. See the wall decalls? Exactly.

“Lounge area” in my bedroom. WITH WALL DECALLS. Can you sense a theme?

My pride and HOLY CRAP WHY IS THIS PICTURE SO BIG?! It’s quite obvious that I started decorating in the bedroom and then saw I was over my prim limit. BASK in this awesomeness, people!

And this picture is small again. Colour me confused…

So that’s that on…that. I hope ya’ll *cough* have a nice weekend ^-^

Skybox Friday!

It’s just Skybox day every day with me^-^! I don’t know what got into me, but I decided it would be a GREAT idea to find a new skybox and..ehm..a new place to rent land (as I was slowly figuring out I was being conned, yes..I’m slow).

So upon the first try (never get the first apartment they say..I say: SCREW YOU \o/ ), I found a rather great place. 1024 sqm (possibility for bigger land as well, I think free of charge); 180 prims; L$350 a week..Ehm..Security system and scanner shit, shared media (whatever that may mean, I disabled media since the whole RedZone crap. I use VPN so everyone and their mother can accuse me of being an alt.), landscape options, build options, scenery blahblahblah.. Is anyone still reading?


Look, it’s me in an empty house!

So yep, that’s my new crib. It came with the strange reindeer antlers (they don’t even LOOK like antlers and I can’t remove them!)/wood thing over the fireplace. And doors. And a skylight. And windows. And the cutest wallpaper ever!

Two rooms, wooden floors, *points up* skylight…I think the house was cheap as well, can’t remember where I got it from. Most likely one of my “OMG GIMME GIMME THAT SKYBOX” phases before I realized I didn’t have any land to put it on. When I eventually had land, I realized that I didn’t have enough prims. This build was a mere 26 prims, I think. It even looks pretty from the outside! (Skyboxes are usually fugly from outside, as you may know)

Yupp. That’s mah crib. And land. And scenery. It even has a front porch! *eek!*

Can someone carry me inside plz? Wrong tradition? Bah.

So once I had my house and scenery shizzle set up, well..decoration time. That was a whole other problem, as I’m used to a max of 50 prims. Now I went like “YAYZZ OMGICANPUTALLMYFURNITUREINHEREBECAUSE190PRIMSISALOT” and whipped out all my Awesome Blossom, Croire and whatnext stuff. Then the counter said I had used 303 prims -.- . Damn.

I’m actually half falling asleep here. A furnitured house and my continuous spending will be discussed in the next post.

Weekend, baby!


Skybox from SB. Whoever that may be. Second Life Viewer is messing up big time, I don’t understand why I need to read people’s profiles from an incorporated webpage? I would use Kirsten’s but that viewer is laggy as hell! Every time I try to open Firefox/something else BESIDES SL, it crashes. And no, my laptop is great and so are my graphics cards. And yes, I did relog and clean cache. The skybox is called Vintage Skybox and I’m quite sure you can find it on Marketplace.

I’m currently renting at Tonathiu. Details above^ I also have another week of rent left on the Chocolate sim (that sounds so yummy..and laggy -.- ), which I will use to find that ONE prim that the counter says I own there. Nothing works, highlighting etcetc. NOTHING WORKS. WTF CAN IT BE? (no, it won’t be like that time when I found an unpacked bag worth 17!!!! prims somewhere in a corner. Which always reminds me of chocolate wrappers left everywhere. Not that I do that. I’m also not fat. Seriously, where did that come from o.O . Kfine, I need to go out and breathe in some fresh air (and sanity!))


So many…skins!

I feel rather buried in skins lately, don’t know why. A lot of groupgifts coming out recently: from Heartsick to Glam Affair to more unknown AI Vulo. Must be the time of the month or something.

Today, I bring you *drumroll*

The Glam Affair Mary skin with St. Patrick’s Day makeup! (I don’t even know WHEN that exact day is, but alright)

No additions besides the Cherry Lips makeup from Heartsick. I’m addicted to those lips! (That sounded…wrong) Anyway, the Glam Affair group costs L$30 to join and is very VERY VERRRYYY much worth it.

Next up..Ai Vulo! I learnt of this group through the shopaholic feeds, and they have a new groupgift out! Group is free to join as well..Have a look..

This is their new “Vampire skin”. NO additions besides the cherry lips. It comes with the eyeliner and the oh so subtle drop of blood. Definitely an addition to your skin collection!


I miss you I’m not gonna crack

I’m so happy ’cause today
I found my friends
They’re in my head
I’m so ugly, that’s okay
‘Cause so are you
Broke our mirrors
Sunday morning is everyday
For all I care
And I’m not scared
Light my candles, in a daze
‘Cause I’ve found God

I’m so lonely, that’s ok
I shaved my head
And I’m not sad
And just maybe
I’m to blame for all I’ve heard
I’m not sure
I’m so excited
I can’t wait to meet you there
And I don’t care
I’m so horny, that’s okay
My will is good

I like it I’m not gonna crack
I miss you I’m not gonna crack
I love you I’m not gonna crack
I killed you I’m not gonna crack


Hair: Truth
: Apple May Designs (from Pure Juice event)
Eyes: Sn@tch
: Heartsick (lips), Miamai (eyeliner) & Noirilicious (blush+freckles+eyelashes)
My own

Top : Karma
: Razorblade
: lassitude & ennui

Earring: YQ
Piercings (face)
: i-Poke
Clavical piercing
: Little Pricks
Arm piercing
: Little Pricks
Tattoo (arms)
: Little Pricks
Tattoo (chest)
: (nova)

Poses: oOo Studios
: Kirsten’s Viewer
Light settings
: AnaLutetia- AvatarOpt2 Whiter
: Nirvana – Lithium

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