So after discovering low ARC clothing for free at the Fashion for Life event, I decided to experiment a bit with getting my ARC as low as possible. At lag-heavy events, I just duck-walk around bald in a bikini because I never take the time to properly prepare. BUT! This will change \o/ After about 3 months of blogging, I decided I’d be a “good blogger” now with mediocre pictures and semi-witty remarks. Maybe someone will invite me to events (hahahaha, who am I kidding?), but if not, then I’ll just go with the ‘regular crowd’ in a low-lag-enhancing outfit.That

“I’m so glad you’re still down to earth Nina!”

Yes, I tend to stay amongst the plebs and such, while the REAL fashionistas..I don’t know what they do really. Things I don’t have time for, I think. Taking pictures for me is *click snapshot-save*. Ha, plebs. Such a strange word.

Plebs. Plebs. Plebs. Bask. Bask. Clutch.


Anyway, let me talk you through my little journey of being the best(!) non-contributing-to-lag person EVER!

This is how I started (click on pictures to make them bigger). Yes, I’m poor. At that time, I had already taken off my flight feather and AO, and it made ZERO difference to the ARC. Always thought it did o.O

Taken off my shoes..Quite a difference already..

Taking off your hair really makes a difference (which we all knew, of course). I tried to find the *delete scripts* from the Magika hair, but somehow it’s not an option on the PCF special hair.

Taken off my necklace..

My RING was THAT scripted?!?!?!

That’s all clothes-wise, I couldn’t really take anything else off..

Look at my cool hair-tattoo!!

I look butch.

So today, you will see me walking around in all my butch-glory @ the Pacific Fundraising Event (when does it even start?). Say hi if you dare!

Any takers on a lower ARC? (and yes, you still gotta be decent and not just have a fullbody tattoo)


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