FLF “hunt”

FLF. A good cause. Something I will throw massive amounts of money at. Same goes for the Pacific Relief Thing(whatsitcalled again?) which starts tomorrow. To be honest, I will rather spend my money at these events (with surprisingly low lag, anyone willing to explain?) than at Hair Fair/Skin Fair/Garden Fair/Shape Fair also known as Lag Fair. That phrase was long, even I got lost in it.

I heard there was some kind of “hunt” going on at the FLF sims as well, so of course I went. Problem with me + hunts is that I have a very short attention span. Very. By the time you’ve read those two phrases, it is highly possibly I have gotten distracted and forgot what I was talking about.

I got a few goodies and a rather awesome freebie I will now rave about. First the goodies..

Dress is a huntprice at Boho Baku. Boho Baku, I love you in..let me count the ways. I think I own half her store. I’m a hippiegirl at heart. This price cost me L$84 (strange number..) and look at the exquisite (ha.ha.ha, I sound rather suck-uppy) detail in the top! (Pose courtesy of my fidgety AO)

Ain’t that pretty? The skin is obviously from Al Vulo, a huntprice for the *blahblah DIAMOND somethingsomething* hunt. Don’t make those long huntnames because I will forget them =/ Hair from Magika, L$50 for this colour, money goes to Red Cross for Japan. Tattoo is from..ehm..a..store..that I forgot the name of (bad blogger Nina, bad blogger!) and it’s great. Think I’ll post a separate blog about it sometime this week. You get to see me half-naked! Ain’t life grand?

This dress makes me seasick. It’s from SD Wears and it moves so much that I needed to hold onto my chair when I walked around in it. It’s a L$10 huntprice.

*takes bucket* It has this strange promdress feel..

Last one, huntprice from [elikatira]. They’re shoes. They’re pretty. I thought it was hair. No, I didn’t actually put them on my head, but elikatira = hair imo. When you buy the huntprice, it doesn’t actually SAY what it is. Bit like a blind date: you hope for something and you usually DON’T get what you expected. That’s fun, kids! (No, I’ve never been on a blind date for that exact reason)

I’m available for all your feet modelling (no…not..like..that…)

Those actually were the “few goodies” I picked up o.O The rest required more searching (A)

On to the TGIS, who had a random freebie out that I happened to hop across. This is useful AND pretty! *stop..being..so..PR-y…* It’s low ARC clothing in 3 shades, AND it’s fashionable all in one. Blah..blah..Pictures!

There’s a tree growing out of my head.

If you look really closely (like reallyreallyreally) you see there are cherries on the pants. Stunning fashion photography right there, put it in your archives people!

Hunt away, people \o/



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