LL goes zen

Pfff, SL really isn’t cooperating lately. I tried Phoenix, Kirsten’s and the “official” viewer, and I still crash every 10 minutes. Usually right when I’ve found the pose I was looking for and press *take snapshot*. I never wanted to stab myself in the eye more.

Speaking of eyes, look at these beauties (these pictures were taken yesterday evening, when SL momentarily forgot to crash all the time)

Eyes from FASHISM (opens March 15th, can already be bought at Fashion for Life). I would tell you the name of these beauties, but I have ragequit SL and am not planning to log back on for a while now. They are cheap though, the FLF eyes are L$100, and the others L$150. They come in about 5 sizes in one package.

Maybe it’s a good thing SL is so laggy =/ Yesterday night I looked into the mirror and thought to myself: “Hey, my eyes don’t look very realistic.” WHAT?!

Ignore I just said that.

You gotta agree with me here, the eyes look stunningly real.

On to the next subject…ehm..random pictures I snapped mid-lag/mid-drama/mid-teleport-fail..

Look, I teleported home and ended up..here. IT SAID IT WAS MY HOME o.O

Yeah, I know you want me. Look at mah sexeh eyes, baby!

This is me participating in the Diamond *somethingsomething* hunt. I admit it, I only participate in hunts because of the free skins and hair. In the rare case you don’t recognize it *cough*, I’m at Al Vulo to score the huntskin! Look, it’s..snowing/raining lag. Makes navigating ultra difficult, obviously. Please sim owners, I know it looks fancy but no rain/snow please. IT DOESN’T REZZ PROPERLY!

Anyway, I got the Al Vulo skin and the Magika Nayla hair (for L$50 for Japan donations), and I would show them to you but the minute I snapped a picture….make a guess…-_-

Let’s all breathe in and out and stop yelling at SL and throwing laptops out of the window.

I last logged into this sight below, and I think it’s LL telling me to chill the fuck out and zen some more.



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