Skybox Friday!

It’s just Skybox day every day with me^-^! I don’t know what got into me, but I decided it would be a GREAT idea to find a new skybox and..ehm..a new place to rent land (as I was slowly figuring out I was being conned, yes..I’m slow).

So upon the first try (never get the first apartment they say..I say: SCREW YOU \o/ ), I found a rather great place. 1024 sqm (possibility for bigger land as well, I think free of charge); 180 prims; L$350 a week..Ehm..Security system and scanner shit, shared media (whatever that may mean, I disabled media since the whole RedZone crap. I use VPN so everyone and their mother can accuse me of being an alt.), landscape options, build options, scenery blahblahblah.. Is anyone still reading?


Look, it’s me in an empty house!

So yep, that’s my new crib. It came with the strange reindeer antlers (they don’t even LOOK like antlers and I can’t remove them!)/wood thing over the fireplace. And doors. And a skylight. And windows. And the cutest wallpaper ever!

Two rooms, wooden floors, *points up* skylight…I think the house was cheap as well, can’t remember where I got it from. Most likely one of my “OMG GIMME GIMME THAT SKYBOX” phases before I realized I didn’t have any land to put it on. When I eventually had land, I realized that I didn’t have enough prims. This build was a mere 26 prims, I think. It even looks pretty from the outside! (Skyboxes are usually fugly from outside, as you may know)

Yupp. That’s mah crib. And land. And scenery. It even has a front porch! *eek!*

Can someone carry me inside plz? Wrong tradition? Bah.

So once I had my house and scenery shizzle set up, well..decoration time. That was a whole other problem, as I’m used to a max of 50 prims. Now I went like “YAYZZ OMGICANPUTALLMYFURNITUREINHEREBECAUSE190PRIMSISALOT” and whipped out all my Awesome Blossom, Croire and whatnext stuff. Then the counter said I had used 303 prims -.- . Damn.

I’m actually half falling asleep here. A furnitured house and my continuous spending will be discussed in the next post.

Weekend, baby!


Skybox from SB. Whoever that may be. Second Life Viewer is messing up big time, I don’t understand why I need to read people’s profiles from an incorporated webpage? I would use Kirsten’s but that viewer is laggy as hell! Every time I try to open Firefox/something else BESIDES SL, it crashes. And no, my laptop is great and so are my graphics cards. And yes, I did relog and clean cache. The skybox is called Vintage Skybox and I’m quite sure you can find it on Marketplace.

I’m currently renting at Tonathiu. Details above^ I also have another week of rent left on the Chocolate sim (that sounds so yummy..and laggy -.- ), which I will use to find that ONE prim that the counter says I own there. Nothing works, highlighting etcetc. NOTHING WORKS. WTF CAN IT BE? (no, it won’t be like that time when I found an unpacked bag worth 17!!!! prims somewhere in a corner. Which always reminds me of chocolate wrappers left everywhere. Not that I do that. I’m also not fat. Seriously, where did that come from o.O . Kfine, I need to go out and breathe in some fresh air (and sanity!))



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