Happy weekend ya’ll!

When did I become Texan? Or American for that matter? Gimme steak \o/ Hello cliche us Europeans use for Texas. Sorry if I offended you, my dear readers in Texas. Is everything really bigger there? *comments are screened kthxbai*

Today, I made the exciting discovery of using other people’s Windlight Settings. Yes, I’m too darn frickin’ lazy to figure them out myself. So I got the ones from Lemondrop (ty ty!) from her rezzday celebration, and basically all the settings from the wikipage (holy crap Torley, SO MANY WINDLIGHT SETTINGS o.O). Then it took me forever to figure out how to install them. “Go to finder-go menu” just doesn’t cut it. Thank God for Torley’s Youtube tutorial.

Blah. Look at this picture.

Taken with Windlight setting from Lemondrop (seriously, I forgot either your first name or surname, sorry!), called Forget me not. It’s awesome and then some. I will update this blog with a link to HER blog so you can all bask in her awesomeness. Believe me, there’s plenty to bask in. Don’t you just love the word bask?

Bask. Bask. Bask. Bask. Now it just sounds strange.

Ehm yes, what else..

Oh right, my furniture pictures. They’re exciting as hell, hold onto your seats, kids!

I have a porch! Check it out, my porch with random crap I threw on there (this isn’t very respectful to the awesome designers…sorry). I didn’t even put trashcans there. I wanted to. THAT’S WHAT PORCHES ARE FOR, RIGHT? Be quiet, Nina.

Porch, porch, porch. Bask. Clutch (nevermind, strange joke). Either way, I’m queen of the decalls by now. Ever since I figured out that they’re 1 prim, my prim allowance was TIIIIIINY and they’re cheap and cute, I filled up my inventory with them. Love love. The mailbox actually works, people can put notecards in there and I’ll get them. Only problem is that my land has security turned on and there’s about 3 people on my whitelist. Let me know if you want to converse over notecard!

I’m a bad friend in SL. I just randomly park my avatar somewhere, either go shop and then take pictures endlessly. Or redecorate. I sound very anti-social and I apologize. Don’t think I hate you because I don’t! Let’s talk over notecard!!!! *this was a desperate attempt at sounding social*

Come on in, it’s..rather..empty. 180 Prims ain’t a lot, folks *seriously, I should lose this accent* I sound like Bugs Bunny.

My neverending love for music. And a big empty space. Oi.

I think I did a pretty nice job overal in this “living room”. See the wall decalls? Exactly.

“Lounge area” in my bedroom. WITH WALL DECALLS. Can you sense a theme?

My pride and HOLY CRAP WHY IS THIS PICTURE SO BIG?! It’s quite obvious that I started decorating in the bedroom and then saw I was over my prim limit. BASK in this awesomeness, people!

And this picture is small again. Colour me confused…

So that’s that on…that. I hope ya’ll *cough* have a nice weekend ^-^


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Emerald Wynn
    Mar 13, 2011 @ 19:18:41

    LOL @ “Check it out, my porch with random crap I threw on there.” Awesome. 🙂


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