So many…skins!

I feel rather buried in skins lately, don’t know why. A lot of groupgifts coming out recently: from Heartsick to Glam Affair to more unknown AI Vulo. Must be the time of the month or something.

Today, I bring you *drumroll*

The Glam Affair Mary skin with St. Patrick’s Day makeup! (I don’t even know WHEN that exact day is, but alright)

No additions besides the Cherry Lips makeup from Heartsick. I’m addicted to those lips! (That sounded…wrong) Anyway, the Glam Affair group costs L$30 to join and is very VERY VERRRYYY much worth it.

Next up..Ai Vulo! I learnt of this group through the shopaholic feeds, and they have a new groupgift out! Group is free to join as well..Have a look..

This is their new “Vampire skin”. NO additions besides the cherry lips. It comes with the eyeliner and the oh so subtle drop of blood. Definitely an addition to your skin collection!



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