Bad blogger alert. Due to RL circumstances, my blogs fail to be funny (if they even ever were). Maybe I’ll drop the hilarious act and just take pictures and show them. Nice, boring and safe, and you don’t have to worry about me going on a rant about my (love)life, worklife etc.

Look! Pictures!

All the packages from Heartsick <3<3 Since she (recently) renamed her skintones, I had to open ALL packages to see which one was closest to her before-named Rapture. Rapture = Harmony now, people.

Sexy, amirite? This tone is called SLFails and is free for everyone \o/

Yay! The Heartsick Groupgift skin Spirit in Harmony, and..called Peacock (look at the makeup and understand why).

Belleza sent out a groupgift fairly recently, called Melissa. I’m wearing it in the picture above, a skintone called SK. I wonder what SK stands for.

*over & out*


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