I went to the Skin Fair..

..and all I got were these lousy pictures.

No, kidding. I went to score freebies because I’m a n00b at heart. It took me ages to get in, only to be greeted by a WARNING message that I had to deprim NOW or I’d get kicked out of paradise. Big whoop.

So I went back home to deprim, then it took me ages again to get in. Of course only to see a zillion people wearing bling and hair, all in the red numbers, and not get kicked out. Jeez, how well organised. So I hopped around in my newbie skin, completely bald and without shoes…for about 30 mins..in this grey mess..

Yes, I’m sexy like that. I was at the Skin Fair for a good hour, levitating in the air, to try to get everything around me rezzed. Which it did, after aforementioned hour. My head never properly rezzed though.

Look at all the goodies in this picture! This is a signature shop that used so many detailed shit that it never rezzed. No, never. No matter how hard I tried with my mindpowers to make it LESS grey.

I ended up getting some makeup from Mynerva and all the gifts I could find. Sadly, the giftskins all made me look like someone from Jersey Shore. Yes, all of them. In the feeds I saw people look awesome in them, but I never got any further than being a Snooki lookalike. No, there are no pictures of that.

On a brighter note, Pig has some nice gifties scattered around the store. I’d give you the SLurl had I not already logged out of SecondLife. Either way, they’re all L$0 or L$1 and there’s some nice stuff in there.

Pjuh I’m tired. The event went awesomely well, but it left me feeling extremely drained. Thankfully it’s holiday soon (after this week), in which I plan to go ON holiday. Yes, that’s special as I haven’t gone since my last trip to London 2 years ago. I have just been too busy. But being here drives me insane. I feel stuck, caged, trapped…whatever you want to call it. I’m a big fan of travelling and cities, and living here in a small town is literally driving me insane. I MUST.GET.OUT. To preserve my sanity of course. Even if it’s just for a week. No, I haven’t booked anything yet because I’m a last-minute person;)

Yeah that was interesting. I feel a burn-out coming in 5…4….

*screen turns black*



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