Love’s not a competition, but I’m winning.

Ok so, I actually hate Valentine’s Day. But this outfit was too good to not be shown:) Plus I get to walk around half-naked, yay \o/

As for Valentine’s Day in general, I’ve made the decision to stand up for the guy I want to be with, and fight for him. It has been a very rocky two years and we recently got into a massive fight, which was basically the end of us. It’s completely in my hands now, and even though I was a bit afraid at first, I realized that he is the one I want to be with, regardless of the sacrifices.

Yes, that was sappy.

Today will be a busy day, I have some meetings (oh dear Lord, I feel so important) and the rest of the week is gonna be seriously mental. NOT looking forward to it. So this post is short, very..very..short.

Ready for some nudity?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Outfit from Severed Garden (from Valentine’s Hunt)

Rest is the same skin/hair etc


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