The Girl who Smells of Manure

Welcome to an exciting new installment of ‘Things I want but can’t pay for’ and ‘Things I got instead’. I can feel this is going to be an awesome addition to this already awesome *coughcoughcough* blog.

So what do I want today, you may ask?

This awesome greenhouse from .salt.

I could already imagine myself ehm..having it. I’m not sure what I’d do with it, besides putting it on my skybox thing and stare at it. That’s enough, right?

EEK look! It even has little plants and other…stuff…And a shovel, and a birdhouse..This is awesome+1

The other side. Is that manure? I will be The Girl who Smells of Manure. That’s smexy.

Well, after lusting over this fine object, I went downstairs and lusted some more..

Over this dress. LOOK at it (I keep saying that, don’t I?). I want it, but it was like..L$500 which I find a tad too much for a dress. Compare: the greenhouse was like..300? After just having spend close to L$2000 on skins this week, I should behave. Right?


Next up…

Another lovely lovely, yet very expensive (for my budget) dress. Excuse me while I go sob in a corner because I’m so poor.

Ok done.

On to the exciting part of my installment, “Things I got instead to make me feel better about being so poor”

Also at salt, if you join their group for the amazing fee of L$0, you get..

This bird-umbrella! People that know me, know I ❤ birds. So yay, bird umbrella > greenhouse, amirite?

This is an exciting and artistic picture I took with TWO of the groupgifts from salt. Yes, I said exciting and artistic instead of dull and ‘I was talking to someone in IM and accidentally took this shot’. I cover my mistakes up pretty well, I must say.

The dress is rather neat, though I’m not that fond of the bottom part.

That’s all for now folks, see you at the next installment!

I should never ever do a talkshow.


.salt: greenhouses and dressesssssss

The other stuff I’m wearing (besides the tattoo from [HUZ] is the same skin/hair/makeup etc. as last post)


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