The discovery of Fabio-horse

Today I’m walking around in an outfit I literally got out of the feeds. I’m not gonna blog it, because the other blogger takes way better pictures than my “half-cut-off-head” ones. Which I’m proud of \o/ Here is the link to her outfit. I’m wearing exactly THAT (I’m oh so fashionable), minus the skin and hair.

Anyway, this blog isn’t about that. As I was randomly teleporting around to find some awesome tattoos/funiture/clothes/skirts/piercings/skins/hair to spend my Lindens on, teleporting got blocked. Yes, what else is new? I ended up teleporting RIGHT next to a big ass wall. Not interesting you’d say. Keep reading..

That’s me in my non-original outfit next to the wall. Oh the suspense is killing you, I know it. What’s on the other side? An orgy of midgetclows? Dancing bears? A MASSIVE SHOESALE (oh please let that be it, oh please!)  Of course I cammed over the wall..

A whole field full of horses. Yknow, those breedable pets ( is a horse a pet?). What a coincidence that I read about those yesterday (go read her blog, she’s hilarious!) and now randomly fail-teleport next to a dozen of them. It’s God telling me something. The line is breaking up though God, can you please call back? I’m not really understanding the message (I will not buy breedable pets, I will not buy breedable pets, I will not…)

My attention was caught by the horse at the front, the black-white one First I thought he hadn’t rezzed completely yet, then..

It’s Fabio-horse! I wanted to ride on him (is that possible?) but the owners (who were extremely near me) didn’t look like they’d allow a half-elf/half-lunatic riding their precious Fabio-horse.

A sad day for mankind.


The outfit of win that I will possibly wear for 100 years

The blog of win I demand each and every one of my followers (all 2 of them) to go read. And subscribe. And leave comments. And love her.



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