Holy Mother of God and the founding of the Demoists

This skin is perfection. As I was still recovering from my meeting with Fabiohorse, I ended up at DrLife Skins. I DON’T KNOW WHY I DID IT AND DAMN PROCRASTINATION FOR MAKING ME DO IT.

Right. So I wasn’t superimpressed by the skins as they were displayed in the store, but for shit and giggles I got myself the demo LeneEuro (or..something?) skin. That’s when the drama started.

After endlessly waiting for my face to finally rezz (Jezus SecondLife, I could’ve done it faster had I HANDDRAWN the skin on my screen itself), I stared right into the face of perfection. Perfection in 3 shades. And apparently something awesome called “modifiable makeup” which I don’t understand so I’ll just throw makeup layers over it and pretend I understand.

There is a God.

This is the first “shade” (are they called shades or colours or am I racist now?) is already awesome. Yes, I’m wearing the demo, as stated above. And a random freckles+blush+eyelashes tattoo layer I was already wearing. And my unoriginal outfit. BUT THE POINT IS (read this bit only): IT’S FRICKIN PERFECTION. This needed caps, yes. LOOK AT IT. CLICK IT so it gets bigger, and look again. Hell, I’d even do me.

On to…

EVEN MORE PERFECTION. At this point I was basically gasping and squeeing like a little girl. Holy Mother of Jesus. I want this skin. In all tones (RIGHT, TONES IS THE WORD \o/ )

Aaaand another tone <- I sound so eloquent now that I know the right word for it. This is PERFECTION times 100.

At this point, I ran out of ” Holy mother of..” exclamations and just went on with the “for the love of baby Jesus, who is the genius who made this skins I need to have them omg omg omg I need I need” rant inside my head. Being that my head is already chaotic, you can imagine the noise inside there now. I wish I could cover my ears but that would probably only make the problem bigger.

When I was in the store, I was not that impressed, so I didn’t really..look..at the pricetags. Because now I of course NEED (yes really) the fatpack. And I think I somehow glanced at it as I hovered over the demo and saw L$ 2200. That..is..a..lot. Can’t..breathe.. I’m afraid to go back to the store now to see the price, because my poor poor bank account (is it salary day yet? Oh hell, it WAS just salary day damn employers!) will die and I’ll never be approved for my creditcard because I spend my money on virtual hair and skins. They’ll probably think I’m insane. Which maybe, I am.

So now I’m in my skybox, staring at my face while I go through the tones and try to understand the “modifiable makeups” notecard. I still don’t, but whatever, I’m sure it’s a good thing. But I don’t have the money! Maybe I can just wear the demo and pretend it’s new fashion. You (my two followers) will support me, right? We’ll start a new movement, we’ll call ourselves..the..ehm..Demoists! That sounds lame. I’ll think of something better. At least we don’t have a massive DEMO-box floating above our heads.

Did I ever tell you about when I was a newbie and walked around in a demoskin (with matching DEMO-box) all day? I thought skins were rather super and cheap. And I could find myself quite well in the crowd with that box. Did I also mention nobody even told me anything about it?

Let’s not go into the story where I couldn’t open boxes yet and threw away a lot of stuff because it “didn’t work”.

Oh dear lord.

What am I do to?

Edit 1: I plucked up the courage and went back to the store. I was wrong, it’s even more expensive. For the one makeup option (I don’t understand modifiable anyway and I can just throw makeup layers over it, it’s…L$ 1,380. So 3 times 1,380 is *shudders*. I’m too afraid to get my calculator out.

Edit 2: Ok so blahblah “Life is about overcoming fears”, I whipped out my dashboard calculator. I wish I hadn’t. Some fears are completely rational and should NOT be solved. *breathes in deeply* L$ 4140. I need a paper bag to hyperventilate in. I also feel like throwing up. Or fainting. All at the same time. Oh dear lord, I’m gonna have to choose. I’m awful at making choices.

Edit 3: After careful consideration (staring at the 3 pictures endlessly), I decided it’s gonna go between the dark one (first picture) and “natural” one (last picture). I’m getting there…!

Edit 12478 (like someone is reading): I’m leaning towards the first one. Mainly because I dislike ALL dark skins and I always go for the light/natural makeups. Plus, I don’t particularly like the non-existent line under the eyes (this makes no sense) of the “tan” one. I can always get the natural one next month, right? Oh damn, February has just started!

Edit ‘I need spaghetti because it solves things’: Maybe I’ll have a clearer mind after dinner. Spaghetti anyone?

Edit ‘Damn, when will this water boil?’ : Problems arise. I have tried on dark and tan again, and I like them both. So 1,380 + 1,380=…2,760. For the love of baby Jesus..

Edit post-spaghetti: Screw it, I’m getting both dark and tan. I even made up a great bandaid story in my head where ripping it off once (aka buying both the skins at once) is less painful than gasping and pondering endlessly again next month. This was not really made up by me, obviously. It’s a widespread metaphor everyone and their mother uses but I like to think I’m special. So…next step, buying L$ 3000 and not buying anything for the next month. Though I have to pay rent. Shit.

Edit “I promise this is the last one’: L$ 3000 bought. Yes, that’s probably superlittle for all of you out there who pay tiers, but I’m 21 and get quite a shitty salary for my PR manager job. And I’m going rl shopping on Saturday \o/ <- That was random and didn’t really illustrate my poorness. This edit should’ve never happened, pretend it’s not here.


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