Saturday night

Nope, not out and about. Lounging in an abandoned store in front of the lucky boards. Bet you’re jealous as fuck, innit;)?

Staying in with a headache, massive PMS, annoying people all around and hopefully plenty alcohol. If you see me around, don’t approach, I might bite your head off!

Details on outfit here . Yes, it’s one of my “running around SL doing hunts/stalking lucky chairs/going to events” outfits. Low lag and still quite fashionable and distinct. If you see me, wave:)

Where I’m at: PINKINNIK

My letter has to come up eventually, right?

Edit: Yay, I won \o/ Not even on my own letter though, on a frickin questionmark!

Edit II: No matter how many times I rebake, the face stays blurry. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME *rages*


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