FabFree Station!

After a short period of absence, I have returned \o/ Woohoo \o/ Ok not so woohoo exactly because real life is basically falling to pieces, but I can deal with it *reassures herself*

Sadly, a lot of the notecards/messages sent to me got capped, so I’ll have to check out my Gmail to see whether there was anything I missed. Something that I didn’t miss however, was the relocating of the FabFree Headquarters!! And with the relocation, new gifties yay!!! There’s plenty there, plenty good stuff and PLENTY to still be added by some amazing designers (did I say ‘plenty’ enough? I think I did..). Anyway, this little outfit is the first thing that really stood out to me:) Yes, I LOVE already assembled outfits because I’m lazy and my inventory consists of roughly 21k items. Seriously, I should reorganize. Aaaanywho, the free stuff in the pictures below is the outfit and the GORGEOUS shoes. Yes, if I saw those in a SLshop, I’d just about pay L$400 for them. And they were free!!!! FREEEEE I TELL YOU *hyperventilates*

Now, on to the pictures (click to make them bigger)

Closeup of the shoes. Really, you should go and check them out yourself. I can’t take a good shot of them and they’re free and awesome and I want them in real life (plus the ability to walk on them..)


Hair: Truth, Aradhana- auburn (with colorchange headband)
Skin: Pink Fuel, Ember <Honey>, New Blood (red brow/freckles)
Shape: My own
Makeup: ::Martina::, Light Makeup, free through Marketplace for her rezzday
Eyes: MADesigns, EYES_AWAKE_moss, freebie
Eyelashes: !imabee, Miranda eyelashes with alpha layer to remove system eyelashes, from With Love Hunt (ended)

Outfit: JAZMYN D: IN CONTROL, FabFree Station freebie
Heels: Baby Monky, Ultimate Leila Black Leather, FabFree Station freebie

Necklace: (Elate!), Silver Pocket Watch Necklace, from Seasons Hunt
Nail polish: MIASNOW Nails, Reddark glossy, freebie
Earrings: EarthStones, Dangle Stud Earring Diamond/White, groupgift

Location: MH, First Days of Spring Skybox, event-discount
Painting in background: Awesome Blossom, Paris Bicycle Print, freebie
Poses: Freebie package

Viewer: Kirsten’s Updated Viewer, still figuring out windlight settings;-)

A quick little list of stores that offer gifts @ HQ’s (the full list is on the FabFree website, but these are my favourites so far)

– aDORKable Poses : offers two props with 3 poses in each. The bench is my favourite, great for taking pictures!-AQUA
-Baby Monkey
-Cilian’gel Fashion
-Cupcakes: they offer a free London skin, with  wide variety of eyebrows:)
-Diesel Works Poses
-Dopplegänger Inc.
-e! Eclectic Apparel
-Heartsick: offers a freebie package of 3 different skins (including the teaser Spirit skins)
-HUDSON Clothing Co
-~Sassy!~ Designs
-Sugar Mama’s Fashion Bakery
-Sweeter Than Candy
-:. WoE .:

And so..so much more! Not all gifts are out yet, so check back regularly:) Now go and fill up your inventory! Chop chop!

Slurls should be correct at the time of writing this post


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