I used to be a regular Emerald user til the incident that shall not be named. Then I moved to Imprudence (until I messed that up, which caused my laptop to freeze every time I took a snapshot..), and then Phoenix. I heard about Kirsten’s Viewer, which was supposedly THE best for pictures. Downloaded it, used it, didn’t understand it, couldn’t find light settings, walked into walls…you know the drill. But now, a problem occurred. I wanted to use multiple things ON THE SAME PLACE. Not a feature of Imprudence, nor of Phoenix. So what did I do? I downloaded the SL viewer. Yes, I now have 4 clients on my laptop;)

Took me forever to even get it to load, as it had to load my entire inventory (now 20,000 items). Then find anti-aliasing, install proper windlight settings.. But I hope to soon be able to show you pictures with multiple things on the same spot \o/ Oh and the awesome hair I bought. It’s awesome in so many ways and CHEAP \o/

Done babbling.


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