She works for every cent..

Pfff..there are days when you just want to curl up under your duvet and disappear forever. Work is hectic, no..mental. As much as I love it, it’s frickin HARD work as well, mind you. Even more when you’re being given plenty responsibility to “fix stuff”. And the people who should fix it, can’t read their frickin e-mail properly *grumbles* Thank God it’s my day off today, so I’m lazing around in SL as well..

No, I can’t be bothered to write a fully detailed stylecard, as I usually do. The stores will do. My Maitreya post is just about finished as well, so that’ll go up one of these days.

Furthermore I’ve been lusting over some Glitterati props lately, but I’m resisting the urge to buy them all;)Mostly because I want to spend the money on rl stuff like a new phone (HTC Desire <3) and camera:)

(Click pictures to enlarge)


Hair: Truth
Skin: LAQ
Shape: Own
Eyes: Poetic colors

Outfit: Delirium Style
Shoes: Coy:ott

Tattoos: [HUZ]
Facetattoo: AQ

Earphones: Cobrahive
Piercings: P.O.D.
Fingertape: Sn@tch

Location + poses: Wastelands, @ some random person’s house xD


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