I’m bad at management. Any kind of management, basically. Mostly money management. A budget is a foreign concept to me. So is spending wisely and saving up. Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of money in SecondLife. I pay weekly rent, I buy skins/hairs…No, I hardly spend as much as the bloggers in the Fashionfeeds, and I hardly keep up with fashion, but I do spend. Too much.

This week, I decided it would be a good idea to clean up my inventory. 19,000+ items! A quick look through it revealed that I have hardly worn half of it, even though I paid good money for most. Such a shame. So this year, I have two resolutions for SecondLife. First: Clean and organize my inventory. I keep finding hidden gems in it, like this Truth Hair I never even wore! Second: Spend less. Yes, that’s not much of a practical explanation. I still have to pay my rent, but maybe it’s a good idea to think extremely hard before buying something. Mostly sleep on it for a night (or two), and see whether I still want it as badly. I did this when I was about to buy a lovely summer cottage from {whatnext} for L$1000, and ended up not buying it as I have too many skyboxes/houses already. So maybe it’s a good idea to demo until I die, so to speak. Demo as much as possible, wait for a few days, combine it with different items from my inventory, and then decide whether I’m gonna buy it or not. Of course that won’t always work, but it’s a step in the right direction. I just looked through my demo’s and could delete almost all of them, didn’t want them anymore. The only one I have left are the Sherling boots from Maitreya. Yes, they were released last December and the feeds have been flooded with them. I’m behind the curve;) However, they’re still silently whispering my name. It’s getting louder and louder every day…

(Click pictures to enlarge)

What do you mean I overspend? I need all this, I swear! Look at my empty clothing rack!!

These are for..ehm..other..people! Yes, that’s what they are! Really, I swear! I’m responsible, I promise!

Who could say no to this face?

These are definitely worth every penny I spent on them (I don’t even recall how much they were, that’s how long they’ve been hiding in my inventory). Adjusting the skin colour is the easiest thing ever, they go with almost everything because they’re not some weird colour, and they’re rather elegant. Did you see the nail polish? You can pick your own colours! *squee*


Hair: Truth, Mariska in marmalade
Skin: Lara Hurley, Aimee brown lips/pale
Shape: My own
Eyes: MADesigns, Eyes-awake-moss (old freebie)

Outfit (includes with and without scarf option, also includes pants instead of skirt):-Phoenix Rising-, Vanilla Kiss, from December sale
Shoes: Revelation, Babara III sculpt high heels

Earrings: EarthStones, Dangle stud earring, diamond/white gold (groupgift)
Shopping bags: Curious Kitties, Merry Christmas Shopping Bags, groupgift


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