Ladies and gentlemen…we got ’em

The demo had been in my inventory for 2 weeks.
Feverish illusions came to me what I’d wear and how awesome I would be (everyone would love me, etc.)
I had dreams of the future how we’d be happy together forever. Until, of course, I managed to scramble more money together to buy a pair in a different colour.
I think we’re now one step closer to world peace.
You’re welcome.

(I’m 100 years behind everyone in the feeds but I DON’T GIVE A SHIT, I HAVE MY BOOTS!)

Look! LOOK AT THEM! Look! Done? Ok, look again!

I will post a full outfit with the boots soon, I have something a bit more elaborate in mind. But 3 posts a day is enough, I’d say:)

–> Maitreya Gold, Shearling Boots Smoke <–


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