Skybox Sunday..?

No, just kidding;-) As I said in an earlier post, I spend in phases. At the moment, I’m into the ‘Home and Garden’ stuff, though I usually buy through Marketplace or in small stores. As much as I love {what next}, I get terribly lost in their store. Recently I rented a skybox, and I noticed it was quite laggy. It became a thing where I couldn’t teleport from my skybox to anywhere else. I had to teleport to abandoned land first to be able to teleport. I also had neighbours that would walk around half-naked all day, have random pixelsex everywhere and message me about everything (privacy yeah right). So when I had still 2 days left on my rent, I went to find an other place. From the same renter, but “better” in so many ways. It’s L$100 more expensive and is still JUST 50 prims, but the lag is 100% less. It’s called “The Magic House” and gives you about 6 options for pre-built skyboxes (with or without furniture) you can rez. It varies from a Zen-garden, to a Ritz-like room, to my previous skybox lay out, to an exotic beach island. The best part of this all is that you can also rezz your OWN skybox on their land, as long as it’s 50 prims in total.Of course, that’s what I did. 50 Prims really isn’t much, but I’m loving my little hideout already!

(Click to enlarge pictures)

The back of my skybox, with a bench and a cute wall decall.

The front of my skybox

My little photography-corner, with a pose-chair

My relax corner, beanbag, half-made bed, nice painting..

Ceiling fan, just 1 prim and it looks good and actually works!

Wall decall..

Blogging in the bright sunshine..


Working hard..



Skybox: ::My Happy Place::, Frosty Mornings, winterdeal (Marketplace only, no in-world store)

Bench: Tea, Just another bench (with male/female& couple animations), item from With Love Hunt (L$10)
Wall decall backwall: Wall Candy, Flocking Tree

Posestand: fri., part of introduction package
Posechair: {what next}, Butterfly Chair Photography Prop, with 10 different standing/sitting animations & texture/color change options

Bed: ::PBK::, Day Bed, Noon
Painting: Awesome Blossom, Following the Moon print
Beanbag: CreaConcept, Beanbag with animation & color change options
Ceiling fan: Awesome Blossom, part of the Story of Home skybox
Wall decall (inside): Awesome Blossom, part of the Story of Home skybox

Pillows (left+right): {what next}, Tweet Floor Pillow, part of the subscriber welcome gift package, with 3 animations
Laptop: Glitterati, Laptop with different animations
Pillow @laptop: {what next}, Knitted Pillow Chocolate, came with laptop+different sitting/laying/laptop animations


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