Experimental Sunday

How to take better pictures in SecondLife, that’s what I tried to find out yesterday. A lot of babbling about height-width (which now causes Imprudence to crash every time I take a snapshot, silly me) and anti-aliasing. I didn’t know what that meant, so let’s say that besides frustration, I learnt something new as well. The first is a picture of when it went horribly wrong (the height issue I can’t seem to fix in Imprudence without it crashing) but still looks rather cool, in my opinion.

(Click to enlarge the pictures)

I have no clue where that weird light came from, and yes half of my head is missing. It’s still an accidental artsy-looking picture, I’d say. Now on to the “real thing”

Hair: [mixxES] Ethnic Turban Hair, Lucky board price for group members only
Skin: .ILLUSORY. Skin promo_warm_november_VIP (DrkBr), groupgift
Shape: My own
Eyes: Ibanez, Prim eyes baby blue, freebie

Outfit: May’s Soul, Color Passion, Everything included (also boots) Midnight Mania price
Tattoos: (chest) Nova, Kanji heart tattoo STRENGTH, (neck, not visible): Para Designs neck star black, (back of legs, not visible): So Hip it Hurts, Birds of a Feather Tattoo 2
Lippiercing: Angelic Kitties, lip piercing, groupgift

Location: Domicile, Woodland Arbor skybox


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